Tanha hi hain hum…

When you don’t find someone to share something, it’s better to write it down and feel relaxed.

Kehne ko to sang hi hain sab,
Par asal me tanha hi hain hum...

Na hosh rha aur na hui khabar,
Kab thi shaam aur kab hui sehar…

Jaise ho koi naav bina patvaar,
Ho gayi hai zindagi bhi niraadhar…

Chahte to hum hain ki roye par,
Rakhenge kiske kandhe pe sarr…

Kehne ko to sang hi hain sab,
Par asal me tanha hi hain hum…

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Talk to others…

Sometimes we become so busy that we don’t have time to talk to our family and friends but when something wrong happens, we just regret that why we didn’t talk to that person.

I have felt the same so I can realise this. I will regret it for my whole life.

We all have problems in life but there are so many people in this world who are facing depression and they want to commit suicide.

Is it the solution? Why they forget that life is so precious and invaluable.
The main reason is that they can’t realise this fact. They can only see their problems. So they just want to quit.

We should always be with the people who are in this situation. They will never tell us that they need help. But we will have to observe them. If any changes in behaviour or way of talking found, we should immediately:-

>Talk with them openly.
>Just try that all their frustration come out.
>Help them to heal by changing their environment.
>Fill their life with positivity.
>Consult a professional if required
>Don’t let them live alone

As a human being, it’s our responsibility to think about it and save people from committing suicide.

Right and left…

I have heard so many quotes about life that it is full of ups and downs but as per my views life takes so many turns right and left. If it is on right track there is nothing to worry, otherwise take the next right…

We all face the same situation but we all deal with it as per our own mentality. Sometimes people unnecessarily complicate their lives due to lack of management. Management is not only a concept to apply in business. We can take right turns in life by adopting the management techniques in life.

Some tips from my little experience are:-

  1. Always keep personal and professional life separately.
  2. Accept the people in your life as they are. You cannot change other as per your convenient.
  3. Plan your finance to as per your goals.
  4. Manage your expenses as it is necessary to save money to live a good future.
  5. Always respect what you have (Job etc.) and if not, give your efforts to achieve something better.
  6. Be kind towards people around you. Try to understand other’s situation.

A lot of changes can be seen by simply following these tips in life.

Kafi kuch h piche chhuta…

In this busy life we forget to get into touch with many of our friends. We keep walking on the roads of life and friends left behind…

Mud k jo aaj humne yu hi dekha,
Samjh aaya kafi kuch h piche chhuta..

Kuch purani yaadein aur vo mulakate,
Yaaron ki yaari aur vo pyari baate..

Jo dost hath chhod gaye unka hisab kya,
Par jo yaari dil m aaj bhi h uska jawab kya..

Mud k jo aaj humne yu hi dekha,
Samjh aaya kafi kuch h piche chhuta..

Kuch to h paya yu tanha chalne me,
Par khoya bhi h bahut inhi rahon me..

Humne jo kuch h khoya uska hisab kya,
Par jo kuch h paya uska bhi jawab kya..

Mud k jo aaj humne yu hi dekha,
Samjh aaya kafi kuch h piche chhuta..

(Image source : https://wallpapercave.com/friends-forever-hd-wallpapers)


Sometimes we cannot find the reason of some mishappenings in our life. So we have to live with some questions in our heart…

Waqt to guzar chuka h bahut,
Par kuch h jo ab bhi vhi ruka h..

Ha pata h mujhe bahut ache se,
Jawab milte nhi h hr sawal ke..

Samjhaya kafi khud ko maine,
Na dil ne suni aur na dimag ne..

Waqt to guzar chuka h bahut,
Par kuch h jo ab bhi vhi ruka h..

Bas chale ja rhe h badhte hue,
Jana h kaha h pata bhi kise ye..

Muddato se ek khushi ki aas me,
Kitne ghum hum yu hi jhel chuke..

Waqt to guzar chuka h bahut,
Par kuch h jo ab bhi vhi ruka h..

Jiye aur jeene de..

Chalte chalte yun hi rahon me,
Kadam jo ladkhadaye kbhi,
Humsafar ban k hum yun hi,
Hath thame aur aage badhe…

Aaj ho kal ya ho parso,
Ho utaar ya chadhav kahin,
Ya ho Dhoop aur chhaav,
Sang chale aur chalte rahe…

Ummeed achi hamesha rakhe,
Dukh m bhi sukh Ko dekhe,
Dil ko saaf kr k shishe sa,
Khud bhi jiye aur jine de…

Little happy little sad..

Sometimes it happens that you can’t understand whether you are happy or not because a lot of things happen together. Some of them are good for you and some are not.

The exactly is happening with me right now. I am still confused whether it should celebrate my new job or i should cry for compromising my studies.
It’s really difficult to manage study with job. And in exams it’s a panic situation.

It’s the situation when you stuck between you necessity and dream. You can’t choose one of them but you have to balance everything in the limited “24 hrs”.

Sometimes i wish to get 30 hrs a day but it’s impossible. I am really feeling frustrated now a days because life is not going on as per my plans.

I not even celebrate anything. No festivals, no parties, no family functions exist in my life. I don’t know when i will live a normal life, because it’s not normal for me.

I just hope that one day i will write a blog about my normal settled life referring to this blog..


There is a difference between loneliness and emptiness.

When you want to be with someone but you don’t have anyone who listens you, it’s emptiness.

On the other hand when you are not alone but you feel like no one listen to you or you can’t share something with them, it’s emptiness.

I am not alone but I am feeling empty.
It’s the main reason of my sleeping disorder which I am facing these days.

I know it’s my fault that I think too much. But sometimes life gives disasters again and again.
When you devote yourself completely towards something and still you don’t get it. Nothing is more painful than this.

I don’t say that being happy always is life. But still I hope something good to happen. It’s been so many years that I heard any good news. Now I literally feel that is there anything left in my life except failure and so many problems…

I don’t know if I am facing these things because I pretend to be a strong person. The more I try to be strong, life gives me another problem.

I don’t know how often my patience and courage will be tested.

But it’s the truth that now I am broken…..