A beautiful morning…


Happy New Year!!!

This morning is really beautiful and full of positivity.

We all have done something special on new year’s eve. Everyone is excited about New Year. We have so many plans for this year.

I also have so many goals to be achieved. But I know it’s not easy.

As I earlier talked about resolution. I have taken more than one resolution including my health, personal and professional goals. But I know it’s not an easy task.

We make so many plans many of which fail after sometime. What is the reason?

Why we fail??

If we are capable but still we can’t achieve something. It is really heartbreaking experience. 

If I analyse my way of working the main reason of this is “Inconsistency”.

If we are doing efforts consistently, it will be easier for us to achieve something.

For an example, I have decided so many times to exercise and meditate daily. But it hardly works for one or two weeks. But this time I will focus on consistency. Let’s see what will happen…..

In this year do something for your inner peace. Because it is most important to have a successful life. 

Live your life without any regrets. Respect everyone and inspire yourself.

Have a wonderful year!!! πŸ™‚


Have you forgotten something??


As we are in the last week of the year, generally we all analyse our year. We think about so many things and divide them in positive and negative parts. And then we declare that the year was good or bad for us. It’s a human tendency. 

But actually we forget about the resolution we have taken in the beginning of the year. 

Do we really remember that????

I remember it. And I know I am failed to complete it. It was about daily meditation to control my anger. But I didn’t do that. Because its not everyone’s cup of tea.

Many of us have the same experience. I know it’s difficult for everyone. But it’s not impossible. Some people even conquer this problem.

So this time I will take an additional resolution not to forget about my resolution. πŸ˜‰

And I will suggest you all the same thing. Because we don’t make that resolution our habit. It hardly lasts for one week. After that we are on our old track again. So it is important to take this additional resolution..

Analyse your year and comment about your resolutions. I would love to hear… πŸ™‚

Where loneliness is better…


Have you ever noticed a person who doesn’t speak a lot?

Do you remember a child of any of your relatives who doesn’t play with other children?

Do you want to talk to a person in a party who actually not involved there?

If I am not wrong, your answer must be “No”. Nobody wants to talk to such people. Even you won’t notice them. Because we only remember the people who are charming and talkative.

But a person who has such issues of shyness is called “Introvert”. I can feel the pain of a introvert person because I have been gone through this in my childhood and teenage.

I don’t have any issues now. Because of my professional studies and internship, I have to deal with clients. But in my childhood it was a fun for some of my  relatives. They call me “Dumb”. In social gathering I was not involved so much so they thought that I can’t speak.

It was a burden for me to attend a marriage function or a party. But I had to go with my family. And then whenever people found a chance they started making fun of me. I cried a lot because of it. But I don’t want anyone else to face this situation. So I request you to please understand that every person is different. We should respect everyone.

Introversion is not a problem. It’s not permanent. Introvert people are neither anti-social nor depressed. They just have their own views which they don’t want to share. They have their own space and they are happy in it. They can be changed according to their phase of life.

If people can’t understand this situation, they should simply ignore them. It would be more helpful rather than making nasty comments on them. 

They are reserved to themselves. They feel happy in spending time alone. They don’t want crowd around them. Let them live their lives according to their choice. Don’t chase them. Don’t make their fun. They don’t need relative’s nasty comments. Because it really hurts specially when they are in childhood or in teenage….

Am I useless?

#failure, #success

This question leads to depression. When a person doesn’t understand his/her worth, he/she starts to feel that he is useless.

Sometimes we fail or don’t perform as per expectations. The reason maybe anything from below:

  • Peer pressure
  • Nervousness
  • Lack of efforts
  • Poor planning

And so on….

But the basic things is that the task in which you have failed or didn’t perform good may be a kind of task in which you are “Interested” or “Not interested”.

If you are not interested in it but still you are trying to do it for whatever reason, the probability of failure increases because you don’t want to do it from your heart. Untill you love what you do, how can you get success in it. Even if you get success in that task, you will not be able to get the best results as you can get in the task which you really want to do. So stop wasting time for such things which you don’t like and do what you really want to do.

If you are interested in it but you are not able to give your best to that task, just stop for a second and think about the reasons for the same. Don’t throw an arrow in the dark just because you love archery. You will have to set a goal. You can also do SWOT analysis for Β the same. Β If you have a vision then make it your mission and then develope a strategy to achieve your goal.

Success can only be achieved with a combination of some essentials, which are:

  • Desire
  • Dedication
  • Hard work
  • Planning
  • Discipline
  • Focus

When you are assigned something and you want to do it by your heart, forget everything and just focus on your work.

Some people will say “You can’t do it”. They will pull you back. Don’t listen to them. Don’t distract yourself.

Problems will arise but you will have to face them and solve them enthusiastically.

The recipe of life…


We all have different thoughts and different nature but one thing is common in all of us that we all want a happy and meaningful life.

Although I am not a chef, but sometimes I cook some food for me and my family. But I want to get expertise in a dish i.e. “Life”.

I am trying it regularly. I want to share “The Recipe of Life” with you.

The ingredients are:

  • Love
  • Care
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Health

Love: First of all, love yourself. Untill you don’t love yourself, people will not love you. And we all want to be loved. 

Care: Care your loved ones. They are precious. Care for everyone who belongs to you and specially your parents because they will not be with you for your lifetime.

Joy: Always be cheerful. Life can never be same all the time. So accept the truth and enjoy your happy moments with your near and dear ones.

Peace: For inner peace, try meditation and analyse your own actions. For outer peace, never do anything which creates misunderstandings in relations. Always control your anger because it is the root cause of all the problems in relationships.

 Hope: Hope is helpful to deal with problems. Nothing is permanent in life. So a bad phase will also be passed. Never lose hope in difficult times.

Health: Good health leads to a happy life. So always take care of yourself. Always remember to eat healthy and on correct time. Exercise daily to stay fit. Avoid junk food and always carry your home made meal at your workplace.

And finally the most important thing: 

Give your best to every relation but don’t expect anything from them. Because expections hurt when they are not fulfilled…

Who is wrong?


I am writing on this issue because I am facing it. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I am just sharing my own experience.

When a child take birth, his/her parents start planning about child’s every stage of life. They imagine about their child’s whole life in a few seconds.

As the child grow up, parents also grow up. Their thoughts and opinions also change according to their phase of life.

As the child become young, parents become old. Now he/she has own opinions. In early stages either the parents accept child’s view (I can say ‘demands’) or the child accept parents’ view ( I can say ‘order’). But when the child becomes young, conflict arise. The term used for this ‘conflict’ is “Generation Gap”.

It is a common thing but leads to so many problems in life. And if you belong to a conservative family than your life becomes worse. You have to deal with it everyday on every step.

I am not saying that parents are wrong and the child is correct or vice versa. Because the main reason of the problem is only lack of understanding on a single or both sides.

I don’t know how to deal with it but I can say it’s not easy to deal with such situations.

We have to accept the truth that parents can’t think like us and parents should also understand that they should change their minds with time. They can’t live in past era. I know there is a age difference which leads to difference in opinion but we should find a “Break even point” for this relationship to make it a “Win-win situation”

Be a child again…

In a corporate world happiness is lost somewhere in files on your table or in your computer. The work pressure can’t let you smile and leads to mental and physical issues.

Meetings, projects, targets and appraisals has become the reality of life. People do this all to get heavy amounts in their bank accounts. The whole generation is running towards materialism.

It is really to live a good life but what about the inner peace and happiness???

If we see children, they are always busy in so many things. They enjoy their lives after doing these things. They also have work according to their capacity but they don’t bother.

The only difference is that they don’t have so many responsibilities as a mature person but a person who has grown up has much more capabilities to manage everything. Then why we fail to maintain a good balance in our lives???

The simple answer is that we only see what we don’t have and we do everything to get it. We don’t focus on the things we have. We expect more and more from life and we never get satisfaction.

It is good to achieve great heights in career but is should not be done on the cost on physical and mental health. 

Take a deep breath and think about the solution. 

Learn from a child and don’t let the child die who live in a corner of your heart. Be curious about the things around you. Be attentive to analyse them and achieve your goals. If you really want a happy live you will have to learn that happiness can’t be bought by money. It is hidden in your heart. Explore it……

Let’s talk about weekends…

People call Sunday as “Funday” but I call it “Lazyday”. No matter in what stage or position we are, we all wait for Sunday.

I will not be wrong if I say the late start of the day is basically common for all of us except we have some important work in the morning. 

We all have some planned tasks for everyday. For some people Sunday is the most busy day due to their busy schedule for whole week. But in my case, it is a relaxing day. No works at all.. 

After a busy hectic week, people think that weekends should be full of fun and party. But I don’t think that only wasting of money in the name of fun is necessary. Although it is good to do enjoy and have parties sometimes but it shouldn’t be a habit. Socialising is necessary for all human beings but there shouldn’t be wastage of resources. Because there is still a part of society which don’t get the basic things in life. They are not capable of fulfill their basic necessities. 

It is a culture now to party for the whole Saturday night. But is it really necessary for fun??? Should it be a routine?? 

We should think about the poor people and help them instead of wasting money in clubs. We can have great fun in spending time with family and friends. There is no requirement of going to a late night club or a luxury restaurant to have fun. Everyone should help the society according to his/her capabilities.

The journey starts with little steps…

Listen to your heart…


Hello friends…

We think about so many things in a day but we don’t express them to anyone. May be we don’t have anyone to share our feelings or we just don’t want to be open up about these things. 

And specially in today’s scenario, where everything has become digital, we really find it difficult to understand the real beauty of our surroundings. So I choose this digital media as a means to express about the things and the feeling which arise in my heart.


We all have feelings like ocean in our hearts. Thousands of thoughts are always going on here. These may be any kind of thoughts. So I started this blog to share such things directly from my heart