Talk to others…

Sometimes we become so busy that we don’t have time to talk to our family and friends but when something wrong happens, we just regret that why we didn’t talk to that person.

I have felt the same so I can realise this. I will regret it for my whole life.

We all have problems in life but there are so many people in this world who are facing depression and they want to commit suicide.

Is it the solution? Why they forget that life is so precious and invaluable.
The main reason is that they can’t realise this fact. They can only see their problems. So they just want to quit.

We should always be with the people who are in this situation. They will never tell us that they need help. But we will have to observe them. If any changes in behaviour or way of talking found, we should immediately:-

>Talk with them openly.
>Just try that all their frustration come out.
>Help them to heal by changing their environment.
>Fill their life with positivity.
>Consult a professional if required
>Don’t let them live alone

As a human being, it’s our responsibility to think about it and save people from committing suicide.