Listen to your heart…


Hello friends…

We think about so many things in a day but we don’t express them to anyone. May be we don’t have anyone to share our feelings or we just don’t want to be open up about these things. 

And specially in today’s scenario, where everything has become digital, we really find it difficult to understand the real beauty of our surroundings. So I choose this digital media as a means to express about the things and the feeling which arise in my heart.


We all have feelings like ocean in our hearts. Thousands of thoughts are always going on here. These may be any kind of thoughts. So I started this blog to share such things directly from my heart


Author: frommyheart

I am a simple introvert person having a "bad habit" of overthinking on every single thing in my life. I think i can analyse everything little bit better than other people..

3 thoughts on “Listen to your heart…”

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