Listen to your heart…



Hello friends…

We think about so many things in a day but we don’t express them to anyone. May be we don’t have anyone to share our feelings or we just don’t want to be open up about these things. 

And specially in today’s scenario, where everything has become digital, we really find it difficult to understand the real beauty of our surroundings. So I choose this digital media as a means to express about the things and the feeling which arise in my heart.


We all have feelings like ocean in our hearts. Thousands of thoughts are always going on here. These may be any kind of thoughts. So I started this blog to share such things directly from my heart


I am not frequent here because of studies and other assignments. And now I am taking a break from WordPress due to exams.

Next post will surely come after one month.

I know I will miss all the posts from the bloggers. But exams are important. ☺️

Why to end life ????

Life is precious..

I am nervous because I am walking on a path where nothing is certain. I don’t know what is temporary and what is permanent.

I am just walking continuously facing a lot of ups and downs. I wish to become a child again but I know it’s just a stupid thought.

I know many people feel the same thing. And every one has own way to overcome.

Earlier I asked so many times to my mom “Why it’s always me?”, and she always replied “Look at the people around you”.

So now I don’t ask this question. Whenever I feel helpless I just think about the people who don’t have the facilities what I have. If they can live , I am in a better condition.

My mother always tells me that life is precious, don’t waste it by taking any wrong step.

Now a days suicide attempts are very common. Reason can be anything but what is the logic to end your life. If there is no problem, there will be no life.

If you think about yourself, what about your loved ones, your family. If child is not happy, parents can never be happy. So if you want to make them happy you will have to make yourself happy. Happiness is not a situation where everything is as per your choice. It’s a situation when you feel satisfaction.

So face the problems and conquer them. Don’t run away or hide yourself..

My First Poem…

It’s my first poem. I know it’s too simple but I just expressed my thoughts. :

#firstpoem, #heart&feelings

Deep inside my heart,
There is a sad part,

It restricts me to fly,
But I want to give a try,

You say success is difficult,
I say life is also not easier,

So hold on and think twice,
Do everything like a wise,

One day you will be there,
And will be without any fear……

Suggestions are invited for improvement.. ☺️

What happened to me..


From past few days, life isn’t normal. I am living but actually I don’t want to live in this way..

I think it is not depression but yes, I am upset with myself. Nobody said anything wrong to me. Nobody hurt me. Actually I don’t know what’s happening..

When someone ask me ‘You have changed, what happened?’

I just say “Nothing”. Because I don’t know what happened to me. Why I am feeling so bad.

I know it’s temporary and I will overcome it. But right now my mind is blank.

My whole positivity has been turned into negativity. But still I believe I will overcome it. I will be a better personality with full of positivity again..

For now I just want peace of mind so that I can focus on the things which are important to me.

I just hope I will be fine very soon…..

A beautiful morning…


Happy New Year!!!

This morning is really beautiful and full of positivity.

We all have done something special on new year’s eve. Everyone is excited about New Year. We have so many plans for this year.

I also have so many goals to be achieved. But I know it’s not easy.

As I earlier talked about resolution. I have taken more than one resolution including my health, personal and professional goals. But I know it’s not an easy task.

We make so many plans many of which fail after sometime. What is the reason?

Why we fail??

If we are capable but still we can’t achieve something. It is really heartbreaking experience. 

If I analyse my way of working the main reason of this is “Inconsistency”.

If we are doing efforts consistently, it will be easier for us to achieve something.

For an example, I have decided so many times to exercise and meditate daily. But it hardly works for one or two weeks. But this time I will focus on consistency. Let’s see what will happen…..

In this year do something for your inner peace. Because it is most important to have a successful life. 

Live your life without any regrets. Respect everyone and inspire yourself.

Have a wonderful year!!! πŸ™‚

Have you forgotten something??


As we are in the last week of the year, generally we all analyse our year. We think about so many things and divide them in positive and negative parts. And then we declare that the year was good or bad for us. It’s a human tendency. 

But actually we forget about the resolution we have taken in the beginning of the year. 

Do we really remember that????

I remember it. And I know I am failed to complete it. It was about daily meditation to control my anger. But I didn’t do that. Because its not everyone’s cup of tea.

Many of us have the same experience. I know it’s difficult for everyone. But it’s not impossible. Some people even conquer this problem.

So this time I will take an additional resolution not to forget about my resolution. πŸ˜‰

And I will suggest you all the same thing. Because we don’t make that resolution our habit. It hardly lasts for one week. After that we are on our old track again. So it is important to take this additional resolution..

Analyse your year and comment about your resolutions. I would love to hear… πŸ™‚

Where loneliness is better…


Have you ever noticed a person who doesn’t speak a lot?

Do you remember a child of any of your relatives who doesn’t play with other children?

Do you want to talk to a person in a party who actually not involved there?

If I am not wrong, your answer must be “No”. Nobody wants to talk to such people. Even you won’t notice them. Because we only remember the people who are charming and talkative.

But a person who has such issues of shyness is called “Introvert”. I can feel the pain of a introvert person because I have been gone through this in my childhood and teenage.

I don’t have any issues now. Because of my professional studies and internship, I have to deal with clients. But in my childhood it was a fun for some of my  relatives. They call me “Dumb”. In social gathering I was not involved so much so they thought that I can’t speak.

It was a burden for me to attend a marriage function or a party. But I had to go with my family. And then whenever people found a chance they started making fun of me. I cried a lot because of it. But I don’t want anyone else to face this situation. So I request you to please understand that every person is different. We should respect everyone.

Introversion is not a problem. It’s not permanent. Introvert people are neither anti-social nor depressed. They just have their own views which they don’t want to share. They have their own space and they are happy in it. They can be changed according to their phase of life.

If people can’t understand this situation, they should simply ignore them. It would be more helpful rather than making nasty comments on them. 

They are reserved to themselves. They feel happy in spending time alone. They don’t want crowd around them. Let them live their lives according to their choice. Don’t chase them. Don’t make their fun. They don’t need relative’s nasty comments. Because it really hurts specially when they are in childhood or in teenage….