Listen to your heart…



Hello friends…

We think about so many things in a day but we don’t express them to anyone. May be we don’t have anyone to share our feelings or we just don’t want to be open up about these things. 

And specially in today’s scenario, where everything has become digital, we really find it difficult to understand the real beauty of our surroundings. So I choose this digital media as a means to express about the things and the feeling which arise in my heart.


We all have feelings like ocean in our hearts. Thousands of thoughts are always going on here. These may be any kind of thoughts. So I started this blog to share such things directly from my heart

Jiye aur jeene de..

Chalte chalte yun hi rahon me,
Kadam jo ladkhadaye kbhi,
Humsafar ban k hum yun hi,
Hath thame aur aage badhe…

Aaj ho kal ya ho parso,
Ho utaar ya chadhav kahin,
Ya ho Dhoop aur chhaav,
Sang chale aur chalte rahe…

Ummeed achi hamesha rakhe,
Dukh m bhi sukh Ko dekhe,
Dil ko saaf kr k shishe sa,
Khud bhi jiye aur jine de…

Little happy little sad..

Sometimes it happens that you can’t understand whether you are happy or not because a lot of things happen together. Some of them are good for you and some are not.

The exactly is happening with me right now. I am still confused whether it should celebrate my new job or i should cry for compromising my studies.
It’s really difficult to manage study with job. And in exams it’s a panic situation.

It’s the situation when you stuck between you necessity and dream. You can’t choose one of them but you have to balance everything in the limited “24 hrs”.

Sometimes i wish to get 30 hrs a day but it’s impossible. I am really feeling frustrated now a days because life is not going on as per my plans.

I not even celebrate anything. No festivals, no parties, no family functions exist in my life. I don’t know when i will live a normal life, because it’s not normal for me.

I just hope that one day i will write a blog about my normal settled life referring to this blog..

Jee lo zara…

If we overthink about tomorrow, we can never enjoy today.

Zindagi chahti hai kya

Ye hai kisko pta

Kbhi lgta hai sath hai Karwan

Fir pal m ho jate hain tanha…

Aaj hum hain yhi kafi hai

Isse aage na Jane Hoga kya

Soch soch ke aage ki

Apna aaj hi brbad kr diya…

Kis liye itna sochna

Ab se kal ki parwah hi na krna

Aaj jo hain humko mila

Khul ke isko jee lo zara…


There is a difference between loneliness and emptiness.

When you want to be with someone but you don’t have anyone who listens you, it’s emptiness.

On the other hand when you are not alone but you feel like no one listen to you or you can’t share something with them, it’s emptiness.

I am not alone but I am feeling empty.
It’s the main reason of my sleeping disorder which I am facing these days.

I know it’s my fault that I think too much. But sometimes life gives disasters again and again.
When you devote yourself completely towards something and still you don’t get it. Nothing is more painful than this.

I don’t say that being happy always is life. But still I hope something good to happen. It’s been so many years that I heard any good news. Now I literally feel that is there anything left in my life except failure and so many problems…

I don’t know if I am facing these things because I pretend to be a strong person. The more I try to be strong, life gives me another problem.

I don’t know how often my patience and courage will be tested.

But it’s the truth that now I am broken…..


Hello everyone..

Here are some random lines from my heart….

“Dil ki khwahishein h kuch ajab si,

Kuch pahle si aur kuch alag si,

Waqt bhi bdla aur uamr bhi,

Fir kyu na badle ye khwahishein bhi,

Chlo aaj kuch socha jaye,

In khwahishon Ko smjha jaye,

Lagta h mushkil kuch ye,

Par h nhi namumkin ye,

Puri krne khwahishon ko,

Junoon le ke chalo nikla jaaye”….


I am not frequent here because of studies and other assignments. And now I am taking a break from WordPress due to exams.

Next post will surely come after one month.

I know I will miss all the posts from the bloggers. But exams are important. ☺️

Why to end life ????

Life is precious..

I am nervous because I am walking on a path where nothing is certain. I don’t know what is temporary and what is permanent.

I am just walking continuously facing a lot of ups and downs. I wish to become a child again but I know it’s just a stupid thought.

I know many people feel the same thing. And every one has own way to overcome.

Earlier I asked so many times to my mom “Why it’s always me?”, and she always replied “Look at the people around you”.

So now I don’t ask this question. Whenever I feel helpless I just think about the people who don’t have the facilities what I have. If they can live , I am in a better condition.

My mother always tells me that life is precious, don’t waste it by taking any wrong step.

Now a days suicide attempts are very common. Reason can be anything but what is the logic to end your life. If there is no problem, there will be no life.

If you think about yourself, what about your loved ones, your family. If child is not happy, parents can never be happy. So if you want to make them happy you will have to make yourself happy. Happiness is not a situation where everything is as per your choice. It’s a situation when you feel satisfaction.

So face the problems and conquer them. Don’t run away or hide yourself..